Mount Hood Town Hall Needs Your Help

Hello New Vision Community –

We still miss you ūüėÄ. ¬†You know who else misses you? ¬†The Mount Hood Town Hall (MHTH). ¬†Since COVID struck, it has been pretty quiet at the building. ¬†I have received many messages from Board Members and building management telling us how much they miss the joy and brightness that the children brought to the building. ¬†With school on hiatus (and other rentals canceled) the MHTH Non-Profit organization has taken a big financial hit. ¬†They have launched a ‚ÄúLove where you live‚ÄĚ online fundraising campaign to support the ongoing costs of maintaining the historic building during this time of reduced occupancy. ¬†MHTH has been a magical home for New Vision School for a decade. ¬†The organization has been a supportive, patient and reliable partner during all these years. ¬†Without their support, New Vision would have faced many challenges. ¬†While we long for the day we welcome kids back to the building, we ask that you consider supporting this fundraising campaign to ensure the beautiful Mount Hood Town Hall can remain a vibrant community gathering place for years to come. ¬†Information is below.

From The Mount Hood Town Hall –

Mt Hood Town Hall loves this community‚Ķ but, restrictions on indoor gatherings due to COVID 19 have put the kibosh on bringing people together. The good news is‚Ķ we‚Äôve devised a way to support both our Upper Valley businesses AND the Mt Hood Town Hall during this challenging period. (We‚Äôre all in this together!)‚ÄúLove where you Live‚ÄĚ is our online fundraiser happening NOW ‚Äď through the month of October. Make a $25 donation to the Town Hall and receive an entry into a drawing for $100 gift certificates to our Upper Valley merchants. Every $25 donation entitles you to one entry. You decide where you‚Äôd like your entry to go ‚Äď Apple Valley BBQ, Grateful Vineyard, Lady Fern, Kiyokawa Family Orchards, Moby Coffee, Mt View Orchards, Solera.¬†

***If the Town Hall receives $1000 in donations between October¬†15 and October 22, that $1000 will be matched… TWICE! ¬†We are so excited about this opportunity! So if you have not donated yet (or if¬†you’d like to donate again…), this would be the time to do it. And with each¬†$25 you donate, you receive a entry for the drawing of 12 gift cards for Upper¬†Valley businesses.***

Click¬†here¬†to make your donation and enter to win your choice of gift cards! It‚Äôs a fun way to show your love of this special place‚Ķ and to keep our beautiful, historic landmark going ‚Äď when we are able to gather, the Mt Hood Town Hall will be ready!
Winners will be drawn on Saturday, October 31st at 5:00pm during a Town Hall Facebook live event. Follow us on Facebook and/or Instagram to receive updates all month. Join us to ensure this historic landmark remains a vibrant and treasured part of our community! Stay safe, Be well… and Thank you for your support!

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Registration for Public School

With New Vision not re-opening this fall, we know everyone is in the process of making decisions regarding the upcoming school year. ¬†If you plan to participate in the Hood River County School District’s distance learning options, please register with your local school as soon as possible. ¬†Kindergarten registration is this week! ¬†Our teacher friends in the District have asked us to pass along this message. ¬† The teachers and District are working hard to prepare for the upcoming school year, and having accurate registration information will help them immensely. ¬†Contact your local school for more info.

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Virtual Summer Camp Aug 10-14

Our dear friend Jordan Kim is offering a virtual Nature Art Camp Aug 10-14.  This is the second session this summer and the first camp got rave reviews!  Jordan and her co-teacher Anna Diem have found a creative and interactive way to engage participants even though they cannot gather in person.  Each day starts out with a scavenger hunt for supplies for the day activities!  Learn much more at Virtual Summer Camp


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Pen pal with Ms. Rachel

Hey families РI have always loved snail mail so if your child (once they’ve finished their assignments!) would like to write me, I would be delighted to write back. Email me for my address if you’re interested!

Big virtual hugs,

Ms. Rachel (

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Heron ClassNew Vision School STEAM 2020

In keeping with our essential question of the year, The Heron class has been writing a story about what their Ideal Communities would look like.

Because of our recent biomimetic STEAM Fairs, we wanted to build something using all natural materials from the Earth.

Students all agreed that an outside pizza oven would be essential in all of their ideal communities. This is very fitting with our essential question of the year:

What does our ecosystem look like?

Adam Stolte has started advising us & shared this book:

These blog post images come from this book Adam recommended.

Hello Heron class,

I am hoping you have been experimenting with your 2lbs of low fire, terra cotta, pure clay!

You should start to build your model by experimenting with multiple build techniques like ball, coil & slab. Pinch pot, coil building & moulding techniques are all great for this.

Please use these pictures as inspiration while you imagine your final model. I have decided not to post this week any suggested YouTube videos, because I think you and your parents should navigate YouTube together. I have asked Adam to recommend a couple videos. I believe we will also start making our own videos.

Compare & contrast radiation, convection & conduction.

I, Ms Kandy, will provide video instruction after spring break. Experiment with your clay, keep it moist & covered with plastic by tucking the plastic under the plate or cutting board you are using to build your model upon.

Note: The cutting board or plate you are using acts as the base. So, use the clay just for the oven dome & oven floor portion of the build. It is quite possible to use rocks or any insulating material, as a base, but for now, focus on just the oven portion of the build.

Use your sketches you made in class for your journal that was sent home Monday to help you work through design and construction flows of your clay.

The front cover of your journal signature should have your final Title, sketch(s)/illustration/diagram/elevations/maps & a brief written description of the project in a text box that you design.

Please remember that your Science Journal is evidence of your work & where your unique creative process adds nuance!

Bold & underlined words are vocabulary & Titles to include in your Ideal Community story & journal pages. Each student can work in the direction of their best abilities; there is no one way to do this. There are many awesome solutions!

The inside spread of your journal page should include your final written story-including character development around emotions & environment, plots & events including the Power Source(s), Waste Management, & where does your community’s Food come from?

Please think about the Food Web within your Ecosystem. Consider who are the producers, consumers & decomposers??!

Your first consideration should be the ratio of the door to the dome.
Keep in mind that these will only be models even after you eventually let it dry out.

Of course we were going to have them fired in a kiln, so you could actually make mini fires inside of them (in a safe place outside). Or it could hold a tea candle.

Even if they only dry out and you coat them in a fireproof natural substance, they may be usable but a little more fragile than if it was fired.

Adam is encouraging us to do amazing organic shapes of your choice!! Think carefully about the dome on the inside, the size of the door & even thickness techniques below:

Parents Note:
I’m happily distracted in preparing for online interaction and curriculum. There is an opportunity to differentiate for each student more easily perhaps.
I am working on a virtual circle time where every student could see each other in a conference platform, maybe zoom. I may add to the blog before online curriculum begins in order to assist the class. I am happy to answer emails as I can. Please feel free to email me anytime with questions, ideas, & concerns. We are so grateful to be part of our community!!!

Love & Light,

Ms Kandy

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Upcoming * Live* Online Art Classes With Jordan Kim

Good Morning!  Jordan Kim, local teaching artist (and previous New Vision mama) is offering Live Online Art Classes for kids during spring break.  Jordan is an incredible artist, teacher and community member.  If you are looking for some fun activities, I highly recommend checking out her upcoming classes.  (We plan to airplay the class to our tv so our whole family can participate!)

Jordan’s Live Online Art Classes for Kids

Jordan will also be offering free mini Instagram live classes for kids throughout our time of social distancing.  Follow her on Instagram to keep up to date on future offerings.

Jordan’s Instagram Page

Wishing you all the best at home today! Courtney

(This is a sample of art I made in one of Jordan’s in person classes this winter. ¬†Always fin and inspiring to learn from Jordan!)IMG_3241.jpg


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Crazy Times Require Crazy Action

Hi Y’all!

New Vision Teachers are taking to Facebook!  Yes, it is a major step for us.  And we are all a little uneasy, but we are going to try it.  We miss you and want to connect beyond student assignments.  We will be sending you an invitation via Facebook to join our private group.

The purpose of this group is to create a space for teachers to sustain the spirit of the New Vision Classroom Community.  This is for community connection.

If continued school closure is mandated, instruction and class assignments will take place via Google Classroom. Stay tuned for more information if that becomes necessary.

Teachers will post prompts for the New Vision Community to respond and participate in. The goal is for this space to be used by students and parents together to see how we are all learning from a distance. All posts are subject to teacher approval before going live on the page. It is an experiment, we are in it together, let’s see how it goes!

We miss everybody already!

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Hard At Work

Hello New Vision Community!

We have received some fun pictures of kids learning outside of the classroom today.  Here are some pics of your teaching team prepping work packets for this week and planning distance learning for future use.  Send us pictures and texts Рlet us know what you are up to.  We miss you!!!


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State agencies issue COVID-19 guidance to Oregon schools and universities

Dear Families –

We hope that you have all enjoyed this beautiful weekend with your family and friends.  With the spread of the Covid-19 virus dominating the news, we want to give you an update regarding the virus and schools.

The Oregon Health Authority and Oregon Department of Education have issued guidance to Oregon schools regarding Covid-19. ¬†Below is a link to the full statement but in overview they are recommending the following –

Schools should remain open unless there is a diagnosed case of Covid-19 in a student or staff.

Students and staff should give special attention to ensuring proper hand washing takes place throughout the day.

Sick students and staff should stay home.  If symptoms develop during the day, students should be sent home.

Facilities should increase frequency of cleaning high touch areas (railings, door handles etc).

New Vision has been implementing the above steps and will continue to do so.  There is hand sanitizer in each classroom (in addition to hand washing that takes place throughout the day).  Please encourage and help your child to wash or sanitize their hands when they first arrive at school.

State agencies issue COVID-19 guidance to Oregon schools and universities

And for a little levity in these anxious times –


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Little song from K1

‚ÄúGo in peace, go in kindness, go in love, go in faith. The day is done, the day behind us, go in love, go in grace‚ÄĚ. (Lyrics by Sam Baker)

Music time with each class is special and sweet!

ūüé∂ Ms. Rachel

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